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Loreal X-tenso Moisturist Rebonding (New Launch)
  • Loreal Moisturist O3 Treatment to moisturize and shine-bond to hair
  • Free Trim and Cut

One of biggest concerns that consumers face with straightening is that it damages the hair condition leaving hair looking dry, flat and lifeless! Responding to this need at the forefront of technology, L?Oréal Professionnel launches X-tenso Moisturist, a breakthrough in hair straightening technology! The perfect combination of two worlds ? Straightening & Treatment.

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Shiseido Soft Rebonding (New Crystallizing Straight)
  • Shiseido O3 treatment for hair shield protection and smoothen
  • Free Trim and Cut
Branded good quality Shiseido product from Japan. Absolutely straight hair in great soft and crystallizing shine condition, making hair smooth, silky, easy manageable.
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Korea Soft Rebonding
  • Koreal O3 Treatment to soften and straighten hair
  • Free Trim and Cut
Magic straight to resistant hair, smoothen hair and long lasting.

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Shiseido Digital Perm
  • Shiseido O3 Treatment to moisturize and enhance curls
  • Free Trim and Cut
Bring you new fresh long wavy hair look,styling natural wavy, feeling bouncy curl.
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Shiseido I-Color
I-Color delivers unparalleled permanent color, adding shine "from the inside out". A protective shield around each hair strand for longer lasting, durable color results.

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7 Days Warranty
Why 7 days warranty?
To assure a good service to you, we provide Rebonding and Digital Perm within 7 Days Warranty. This is very important for those have different hair character, and not react chemical sufficiently.

* (The warranty is valid within 7days only. If you attend for hair services like hair dye, hair cut, perming etc with others hair salon within 7 days, The warranty is considered void)

Experience the ideal machines, swing arms for treatment, perming, colouring, Drying, & styling.

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